• Game : Find
    the key

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    • What is it?

      It is an android game app. A 3D first person puzzle game about finding the key

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    • Use case

      For educational and entertainment purposes.

  • Allows the user to navigate in between planets and learn interesting facts about them. You are in the middle of space, very close to the sun and to what seems a very small planet. When you look at it an information tells you that you are actually facing Mercury, the smallest planet of the solar system. Then instructions start appearing next to your controllers: you can move in space as if you were flying using your joystick. Then you are given the power to trig Mercury‚Äôs revolution around the sun by pointing at it. Finally you can be ported to the next planet by pressing a button. You will see interesting facts while you are travelling in space, notice how fast the planets are actually rotating compared to one another and you will realise that some of the distances are really long! Visit Project